100k views reached!

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Not bad for a site with only 25 posts~

Well since all the recent demand for lyric transcriptions has ended up at Lyrical Nonsense traffic has definitely seen a pretty huge slowdown; after about 2 days at the top of Google PageRank when I do decide to get off my lazy butt and transcribe something, Lyrical Nonsense overtakes my ranking and becomes number 1 instead. Oh well.

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2014 was a pretty glorious year, with over 60k views, although my big break probably came from my Guren no Yumiya transcription which netted me 12k views in 2013 out of the 20k I got that year. Although sadly, such days may no longer come to be, ever again 😦


I’m really proud to post that after 2 years, 4 months and 16 posts, my humble webpage has reached 10,000 views on the 31st August, 2013!

I admit, most of my older lyrics were rife with mistakes, but that’ll get better with time (smiles cheekily). Anyway, keep having fun singing, and Ctrl-D this website if you really want to!